About Me

Hi! I’m Nicky Li. Thanks for stopping by.

I am now working as a junior web developer (internship) in MVP Studio, developing web applications and RESTful web services for commercial usage, involving full-stack development technologies including C#, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL, AngularJS, jQuery, as well as other front-end technologies such as HTML and CSS. In addition to coding, I also cooperate with other team members on system building and testing in Agile working environment.

It was a long story before I decided to go to IT career. I was an Electrical and Automation Engineer in a large factory after graduating from university. During this period of time, I clearly realised that what I am really interested in is programming rather than electrical engineering. Accordingly, I chose to continue my study in AUT. After graduation, I came to Computer Power Plus, an IT training institute, to study software development (C#, Java and SQL) for more practical skills. I got A/A+ in most of the programming modules. I love programming and feel a sense of accomplishment on it. Sometimes I even think that I was born for it.

This is my tech blog, where I can share my idea and what I have learnt. In addition, here is also a good place for me to record what I have done, my own code and thoughts.

I am now living in Auckland, New Zealand.

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